Lights or for travel

Find here all our models of ecological toilets light or travel that you will be able to place where you want. These models will be particularly suitable for extra use, for travel or any other use requiring easy mobility.

In addition, this simple range will offer you dry toilets at an economical price.

Indoor Dry Toilets

The Dragonfly - Dry toilet

Very compact dry toilet ideal for small spaces (motorhome, tiny house, boat, ...)Corner seat and spruce coverEquipped with a stainless steel bib.Sold without bucket. Size: L 47 x D 39 x H 46 cm. Seat height: 44 cm. Weight: 9 Kg.
Indoor Dry Toilets

Le Beetle - Dry toilet

Pine plywood toilet made in France. Equipped with a stainless steel collar Bucket sold separately Size: L 44 x D 45 x H 43 cm. Seat height: 41 cm. Weight: 6 Kg.
Indoor Dry Toilets

Colombus – Travelling water-free loo

Set including a spruce wood seat to be fitted to the bucket, a 21 liter food-grade bucket and a bucket's lid Finish: natural or varnished Size of the seat : L 40 x D 37 x H 4 cm Overall size : L 40 x D 37 x H 36 cm Weight : 2 Kg.
Indoor Dry Toilets

Mini Colombus - Baby compost toilet

At last, a truly ecological potty for the little ones Overall Size: L 27.6 x D 25.2 x H 21.5 cm. Seat height: 21.5 cm. Weight: 0.7 Kg.
Physiological booster stool... Physiological booster stool... 2
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Buckets and Accessories

Physiological booster stool for toilet

Physiological booster stool for toiletThis booster seat will allow you to use the toilet in an ideal physiological position.Also, it can be used by children as an extension to use a tall toilet intended for adults.We designed it to perfectly match our line of dry toilets but can also be used for use with wet toilets.Made of raw or varnished spruce or...
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Buckets and Accessories

High resistance gloss varnish 75cl

High Resistance Gloss VarnishNature & Harmonie brandMade in France (Alsace)This water-based varnish, ready to use, selected by us for its high quality, will protect your toilets and wooden furniture for a long time while respecting your environment.Here offered in 75 cl capacity to varnish up to two Lécopot toilets in two layers. Volume: 75 cl.
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