Litter and composting

You will find, in this section, a selection of special litter for dry toilet as well as elements to help you in the composting operations.
Chips or sawdust for dry toilets, discover our range of absorbents.

Litter and composting

Miscanthus litter

Ecological litter for dry toilets Composition: MiscanthusMiscanthus is a plant that has many economic and ecological interests.Crushed, it has a high absorption capacity.Regarding the Litter:- Made in Ariège (09) - France- Guaranteed without treatment- To be used in addition to another litter Dimensions of the bale: 60 x 40 x 25 cm (about 100 liters...
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Sawdust for composting toilets

Sawdust recycled in our workshop This mixture of sawdust from the suction of our machines is the recycled product par excellence.This extra dry litter has a great absorption capacity.We strongly recommend, however, not to use sawdust alone and to mix it with our woodchip / hemp litter. -> Other litter : Wood chips Bag dimensions: 55 x 38 x 28 cm...
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MicroFerm compost activator based on efficient microorganisms

MicroFerm is a ready-to-use blend of effective Microorganisms.It can be used directly in your toilet or in your compost.MicroFerm will have an activating effect on the degradation of organic matter, reducing odors and the presence of harmful insects.About MicroFerm:- Capacity: 2 liters- Improves the composting process and prevents rotting- Format: BIB...
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Wood shavings for compost toilets

Special litter for dry toilets Composition: wood chips and chènevotte (crushed hemp)Regarding Litter:- Made in France- Guarantee without treatments- Extra dry- Great absorption capacity Volume : 130 liters compressedWeight: 17 Kg More information below⬇                                 ⬇
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EM for compost toilets

Beneficial micro-organism complex for dry toilets. Microorganisms improve the composting of dry toilets and prevent the development of bad odors.About the products:- Made in France- Format: mineral granules- Composed of colonies of 4 species of high performance bacillus- GMO free- Doser included Weight: 160g. More information below⬇...
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Sawdust scoop for your compost toilets

Stainless steel measure with handle for your toilet dry litter. Regarding the chip measurement:- Made in France- Capacity: 25 centiliters (graduations). Ideal dose after each passage.- Dishwasher safe- Composition: Stainless steel 304 18/10 Dimensions: diam. 10 cm x H 7 cm.Weight: 100 g. More information below⬇                                 ⬇
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Compost aerator

The ideal tool for aerating your compost. About Brass Compost :- Easy to learn- Lightweight- Allows you to mix and aerate the compost easily- Improves composting Dimensions :L 66 X l 17 cmProduct weight: 1.5 Kg. More information below⬇                                 ⬇
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