Litter and composting

You will find, in this section, a selection of special litter for dry toilet as well as elements to help you in the composting operations.

Buckets and Accessories

Compost aerator

Easy aeration of your compost with the Compost aerator
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T-Shirt Lécopot

T-shirt Lécopot En coton biologique Tailles disponibles : XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL (Attention, le t-shirt taille grand. En cas de doute, ne pas hésiter à prendre une taille en dessous)
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Buckets and Accessories

Wood shavings for compost toilets

These wood shavings are totally dry and have a high absorption capacity Ideal litter for your dry toilets Wood shavings come from a saw mill are free from any chemical treatment. Volume : 130 liters compressed Weight: 20 Kg
Buckets and Accessories

Sawdust scoop for your compost toilets

Stainless steel scoop with handle for your litter. Made in France Contains 25 centiliters (graduations). Recommended dose after each use.
MicroFerm compost activator... MicroFerm compost activator... 2
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Buckets and Accessories

MicroFerm compost activator based on efficient microorganisms

MicroFerm is a mixture of effective microorganisms ready to use.To be used directly in your toilet or in your compost, the MicroFerm will have an activating effect on the degradation of organic materials, reducing odors and insects. Volume: 2 liters. 1% dilution, i.e. 200 liters of mixture.
Buckets and Accessories

EM for compost toilets

Box of efficient micro-organisms for use in compost toilets. Made in France. Micro-organisms improve the composting process and prevent unpleasant odours. Weight : 240g.
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