For kids

Lécopot has developed a range of dry toilets for children.

Our toddlers can therefore grow up by adopting good habits. In addition, it turns out that dry toilets, due to their ease of installation, can follow your child everywhere and thus effectively accompany him in toilet training.

Indoor Dry Toilets

Toilet reducer - Baby toilet adapter

This Lécopot glasses reducer is a toilet adapter for little ones that will accompany your child in learning to be independent.Regarding the reducer:- Convenient to put on and take off- Fits all models of Lécopot glasses- With or without a flap of your choice- Spruce wood cladding- Raw or varnished finishWarning ! : the model with a flap does not allow the...
Indoor Dry Toilets

New Mini Colombus - Baby compost toilet

Nouveau Mini-Colombus
- The Mini-colombus, the ecological potty for babies - Finally a real ecological baby potty!The Mini-Colombus is ideal for accompanying your child in toilet training.This eco-friendly pot is scalable as a toilet reducer.Regarding the toilet:- Equipped with a telescope with or without a flap- Spruce wood bezel- Raw or varnished finish- Sold with a 6 liter...
Buckets and Accessories

Physiological booster stool for toilet

This booster will allow you to use the toilet in an ideal physiological position by raising your feet on the stool.Also, it can be used by children as an extension to use a height toilet intended for adults.We designed it to perfectly match our range of dry toilets but can also be used for use with wet toilets.Regarding the stool:- Douglas or Spruce wood...
Mini Colombus - Baby... Mini Colombus - Baby... 2
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Indoor Dry Toilets

Mini Colombus - Baby compost toilet

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At last, a truly ecological potty for the little ones Overall Size: L 27.6 x D 25.2 x H 21.5 cm. Seat height: 21.5 cm. Weight: 0.7 Kg.
Indoor Dry Toilets

Le Petipotty - Children’s dry toilet

- The Aphid, the dry toilet for toddlers - The Aphid dry toilet is a model specially designed for children up to 4 years old.Its dimensions are adapted to the height and weight of the child.Regarding the toilet:- Equipped with a flap glass- This model cannot be fitted with a stainless steel bib- Spruce wood cladding- Raw or varnished finish- Walls on each...
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