Discover here our selection of books on dry toilets and composting.
These books are real guides that explain good practices and highlight facts and studies.
Real supports to launch you into the experience of dry toilets with bio-controlled litter.

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French book : Le Petit Livre du Fumain

French book « Le petit livre du fumain ». Human Manure Composting Manual THE BIBLE of ecological toilets, ecological sanitation and composting of materials from dry toilets. To understand everything and know about the relevance of the practice of ecological sanitation. Book by Joseph Jenkins, translated from English by Michel Durand, published in 2017 by...
Buckets and Accessories

French book : Famille "presque" Zéro Déchêt ze guide

French book : « Famille presque zéro déchêt - Ze guide ». A book for the whole family with humorous illustrations, various recipes. Thématiques abordées : - Shopping- Cooking- Hygiene- Cosmetics- Children- Parties- House Book by Jérémie Pichon and Bénédicte Moret, published in 2016 by Thierry Souccar editions This book is written in French. More...
French book « Un petit coin pour soulager la planète ».  This book is a complete book dealing with dry toilets. It is aimed at beginners as well as dry toilet owners, individuals, or even professionals and associations. Book by Christophe Élain, published in 2009 by Eauphilane editions This book is written in French. More information below⬇...
French book « La pratique du compost et des toilettes sèches » This book is a guide that presents a lot of information on dry toilets with bio-controlled litter and composting of dry toilets. Book by Éric SABOT, published in September 2005 by La Maison Autonome editions This book is written in French More information below⬇                                 ⬇
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