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Wood Toilet Paper Dispenser

Spruce toilet paper holder with dispenser. Can store up to 5 rolls plus 1 on the dispenser. More information below
Goodies Lécopot

Poster Lécopot - BD instruction manual

Poster Lécopot - BD instruction manual This poster includes explanations of the use of a dry toilet with controlled organic litter in the form of a comic strip.Full of humor, this poster will be ideal to convince the most reluctant but also to break down prejudices about dry toilets. The text of this poster is in French. Material: Recycled...
Indoor Dry Toilets

Toilet reducer - Baby toilet adapter

This Lécopot glasses reducer is a toilet adapter for little ones that will accompany your child in learning to be independent.Regarding the reducer:- Convenient to put on and take off- Fits all models of Lécopot glasses- With or without a flap of your choice- Spruce wood cladding- Raw or varnished finish Warning ! : the model with a flap does not allow...
Buckets and Accessories

Physiological booster stool for toilet

This booster will allow you to use the toilet in an ideal physiological position by raising your feet on the stool.Also, it can be used by children as an extension to use a height toilet intended for adults.We designed it to perfectly match our range of dry toilets but can also be used for use with wet toilets.Regarding the stool:- Douglas or Spruce wood...
Indoor Dry Toilets

New Mini Colombus - Baby compost toilet

Nouveau Mini-Colombus
- The Mini-colombus, the ecological potty for babies - Finally a real ecological baby potty!The Mini-Colombus is ideal for accompanying your child in toilet training.This eco-friendly pot is scalable as a toilet reducer.Regarding the toilet:- Equipped with a telescope with or without a flap- Spruce wood bezel- Raw or varnished finish- Sold with a 6 liter...
La Ladybird - Dry toilet La Ladybird - Dry toilet 2
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La Ladybird - Dry toilet

€299.00 €325.00
- The discreet, timeless toiletry - The Ladybird dry toilet is a sleek and understated model. Its rounded shape on the front gives it a soft appearance associated with the warmth of wood. Regarding the toilet: - Equipped with a flap glass and a stainless steel bib - Spruce wood cladding - Raw or varnished finish - Walls on each side, at the back and...
La Recyclerie

Aperitif tablet

Tray made with scrap wood from the design of our dry toilets In an ecological approach, we offer you a new use for our wood scraps.This plywood shelf is ideal as a cutting board or for your aperitifs.Regarding the board:- Made in France, in our workshop- Composition: 15 mm plywood.The tray is sold raw and sanded. Dimensions:262 x 168mm.Weight: 0.36kg. the...
La Recyclerie

Oeko Tex Pie Bag

Pie Bag + Pizza Plate Set1 Oeko Tex Pie bag + a pizza plate from Lécopot recycling.More information below
The Magaïveur - complete... The Magaïveur - complete... 2
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Self builders / DIY

The Magaïveur - complete toilet kit

€205.83 €216.67
The Magaïveur - complete toilet kit is a model to assemble yourself. The proposed kit is complete and allows you to make everything yourself by following a plan.The toilet is easy to assemble. A detailed plan is provided as well as a video tutorial (LINK BELOW).This model is made of Poplar wood, which gives it a soft and clear color.The complete kit...

French book : Famille en transition (écologique)

French book « Famille en transition (écologique) ». Quel est le véritable impact de notre mode de vie sur l'environnement ? Comment le mesurer ? Et surtout : quels changements opérer dans notre vie de tous les jours si l'on veut préserver la planète ? Suivez le guide ! Ce livre, à la fois manifeste pour la sobriété et guide pratique, vous invite à entrer...
French book « Déchets Land - La face cachée de nos déchets ». Découvrez ce que deviennent nos différents déchets une fois que la poubelle est sortie... Cette B.D drôle et sérieuse à la fois éclaire sur le sujet de la gestion des déchets et du recyclage. Book by Anne BELOT, published in 2021 by Thierry Souccar editions This book is written in French. More...
Buckets and Accessories

French book : Le Petit Livre du Fumain

French book « Le petit livre du fumain ». Human Manure Composting Manual THE BIBLE of ecological toilets, ecological sanitation and composting of materials from dry toilets. To understand everything and know about the relevance of the practice of ecological sanitation. Book by Joseph Jenkins, translated from English by Michel Durand, published in 2017 by...
Buckets and Accessories

French book : Famille "presque" Zéro Déchêt ze guide

French book : « Famille presque zéro déchêt - Ze guide ». A book for the whole family with humorous illustrations, various recipes. Thématiques abordées : - Shopping- Cooking- Hygiene- Cosmetics- Children- Parties- House Book by Jérémie Pichon and Bénédicte Moret, published in 2016 by Thierry Souccar editions This book is written in French. More...
French book « Un petit coin pour soulager la planète ».  This book is a complete book dealing with dry toilets. It is aimed at beginners as well as dry toilet owners, individuals, or even professionals and associations. Book by Christophe Élain, published in 2009 by Eauphilane editions This book is written in French. More information below⬇...
French book « La pratique du compost et des toilettes sèches » This book is a guide that presents a lot of information on dry toilets with bio-controlled litter and composting of dry toilets. Book by Éric SABOT, published in September 2005 by La Maison Autonome editions This book is written in French More information below⬇                                 ⬇
Buckets and Accessories

Piss-Standing reusable

The reusable Piss-standing, the chic and ethical accessory that will never leave you! What woman/girl has never experienced painful moments related to the urge to pee?An urgent desire but no toilets nearby, fear of being seen, an impractical position, plants that sting the buttocks while we relieve ourselves or splashes on our shoes...The reusable...
Colombus – Travelling... Colombus – Travelling... 2
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Indoor Dry Toilets

Colombus – Travelling water-free loo

€63.75 €70.83
- The Columbus, the travel toilet - The Colombus travel dry toilet consists of a 21 liter plastic bucket and a wooden seat that fits over the bucket.It is practical and transportable in any vehicle.Regarding the toilet:- Equipped with a telescope with or without a flap- Recessed bezel to guarantee stability- Spruce wood cladding- Raw or varnished finish-...
T-Shirt Lécopot T-Shirt Lécopot 2
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Goodies Lécopot

T-Shirt Lécopot

€19.27 €24.08
The Lécopot T-shirt will allow you to convey the message of dry toilets everywhere!About this product:- Organic cotton- Vegan Approved Label- Single color- Available sizes: XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL(Warning, the t-shirt is large. If in doubt, do not hesitate to take a size below) The message on the t-shirt is written in French. More information below⬇...
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