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Set of 3 autoclave pine fir...
Set of 3 autoclave pine fir...

Set of 3 autoclave pine fir dry-toilet compost bins - 3200 liters


Set of three compost bins equipped with lids, ideal for composting toilets

All are fitted with user-friendly butterfly lids.

The three- tier door system offers comfortable total or partial access to every section of the compost heap

Overall dimensions: L 315 x l 100 cm x H 113 cm.

Weight: 154 Kg.

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Set of 3 autoclave pine fir dry-toilet compost bins 3200 liter

These large capacity compost bins are ideal for composting your toilet waste.

With a total volume of 3200 liters, this set of compost bins is destined to manage the rotation of your decomposing toilet waste. Ideal for a family of up to 4.

For optimum comfort, user-friendly butterfly lids have been installed to protect your compost from the rain.

The compost bins are divided into three sections, each one hinged, which can be opened independently so that you can access each and every part of your compost heap in order to check on its evolution

They are built with autoclave pine fir. The planed surfaces offer a magnificent pink/orange hue. The 18mm walls guarantee your compost bin a long life.

It has been designed with sustainability in mind, and each individual slat of wood can be replaced when needed. If, after some years, some of the wood slats begin to deteriorate, you can easily replace them, granting uncommon longevity to your natural wood compost bin.

Dimensions 1200 liter compost bin : L 120 cm x l 100 cm x H 113 cm.

Dimensions 800 liter compost bin: L 100 cm x l 75 cm x H 113 cm.

Total dimensions for the three bins: L 315 cm x l 100 cm x H 113 cm.

Total weight: 154 Kg.

For optimum efficiency, three compost bins are needed, in order to carry out the necessary rotations

-The first bin is where you will empty your bucket for the first year (1200 liters)

- A second bin in which the first year of decomposition takes place (1200 liters)

- And finally, a third bin where the decomposition is completed. The volume will be largely reduced between the first and the second container, an 800 liter container for the final phase is sufficient.

315 cm
100 cm
113 cm
154 kg
Douglas 18 mm
Douglas wood

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