Chip Reserves

Lecopot offers litter boxes to install next to your dry toilet.
They fit perfectly into our compact toilet models and offer different volumes and finishes.
What to install a good litter reserve by preserving the aesthetic discreetly next to your toilet.

Buckets and Accessories

Universal chip tray with lid

The universal shavings tray is a large size shavings tray that can be added to all Lécopot compact models of dry toilets.The bin is equipped with a lid and has a capacity of 33 litres.Regarding the closed chip tray:- Is equipped with a lid- Spruce wood casing- Raw or varnished finish Dimensions:W 44 x D 33.5 x H 86 cm.Capacity: 33 litersWeight: 12 Kg.CHIP...
Buckets and Accessories

High resistance gloss varnish 75cl

High Resistance Gloss Vitrifying Varnish - Nature & Harmonie Brand This water-based varnish, ready to use, selected by us for its high quality, will protect your toilets and wooden furniture for a long time while respecting your environment.Available here in a 75 cl capacity, ideal for varnishing up to two Lécopot toilets in two layers.About the...
Buckets and Accessories

Sawdust container

The Closed Chip Bin is ideal for compact dry toilets that do not have a chip compartment.Each model adapts to a particular toilet.The bin is equipped with a cover so that it can be closed and protect your chipsRegarding the closed chip tray:- Equipped with a cover- Douglas or Spruce wood cladding depending on the model chosen- Raw or varnished finish- The...
Buckets and Accessories

Open Sawdust Container

The open dry toilet wood chips box is the ideal container for your litter box for toilets without chip reserves.Choose the model that fits your toilet. Depending on the model, the capacities vary between 32 and 44 liters.Regarding the opened chip tray:- Does not have a cover- Douglas or Spruce wood cladding depending on the model chosen- Raw or varnished...
Buckets and Accessories

Sawdust scoop for your compost toilets

Stainless steel measure with handle for your toilet dry litter. Regarding the chip measurement:- Made in France- Capacity: 25 centiliters (graduations). Ideal dose after each passage.- Dishwasher safe- Composition: Stainless steel 304 18/10 Dimensions: diam. 10 cm x H 7 cm.Weight: 100 g. More information below⬇                                 ⬇
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