Le Cagarol Douglas - Dry and composting toiletLe Cagaròl Douglas - Dry toilet
  • -10%
Le Butterfly Douglas - Dry toilet by LécopotLe Butterfly Douglas - Dry toilet
  • -10%
Le Cagarol - Dry and composting toiletLe Cagaròl - Dry toilet
  • -15%
Le Corner Butterfly - Compost toilet by LécopotThe Corner Butterfly - Compost toilet
  • -15%
The new Butterfly - Dry toilet by LécopotThe New Butterfly - Dry toilet
  • -15%
Composting Dry toilets and green waste | Lécopot

Find here our range of composters for dry toilets and plants as well as all the products related to composting.
Our composters are made of wood and offer a large capacity which is ideal for dry toilets.

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