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Natural Air Freshener Wipe & Clean EM...
Natural Air Freshener Wipe & Clean EM...
Natural Air Freshener Wipe & Clean EM...

Natural Air Freshener Wipe & Clean EM Basil

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Natural air freshener based on microorganisms.

Without any harmful chemicals, Wipe & Clean is a super effective concentrated cleaner for all surfaces.

Here, in aerosol spray deodorant version.

Ideal for dry toilets and the whole house.

Basil scent.

Volume: 150 ml.

Wipe & Clean Air freshener based on effective micro-organisms, Basil scent.

150ml aerosol spray to spray in rooms to be sanitized.

Leaves a light, pleasant, non-aggressive odor.

EM (Efficient Microorganisms or Efficient Microorganisms) are made up of different bacteria.

There are aerobic bacteria (living organisms with oxygen), anaerobes (living organisms without oxygen), fungi and yeasts that are present in the living world.

It should be understood that in this universe of bacteria, there are 5% of beneficial bacteria, 5% of harmful bacteria and 90% of opportunistic bacteria which will be influenced by the dominant bacteria. So by introducing these EM, we increase the number of beneficial bacteria which will influence opportunistic bacteria. We are therefore left with a large majority of bacteria beneficial to our environment.

Wipe & Clean Ems will therefore clean your surfaces while leaving them impregnated with beneficial bacteria which will continue to act effectively. This will keep your surfaces healthy for longer.

Weight: 0.2 Kg.

Dimensions of the Spray: 0.5 x 22 cm.

Volume: 150 ml.

This bacterial complex is made from identified and registered strains that have not been subjected to any genetic manipulation (GMO-free)

Concentrated EM
150 ml
0.2 Kg
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