In order to facilitate access to the toilets for everyone, we offer you some relevant elements manufactured or selected by us.
This range of ergonomic products will bring you more comfort.

Buckets and Accessories

Stainless steel angled lifting bar

This bar provides support for getting up.. It is ideal for public sanitary facilities, whether it is for a reception of people with reduced mobility or for the elderly. About this product: - Resistance: 150 kg - Material: Stainless steel - Guarantee: 5 years Dimensions : L 395 mm X D 80 mm X H 240 mmWeight : 0,47 kg. More information below⬇...
Piss-Standing reusable Piss-Standing reusable 2
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Buckets and Accessories

Piss-Standing reusable

The reusable Piss-standing, the chic and ethical accessory that will never leave you! What woman/girl has never experienced painful moments related to the urge to pee?An urgent desire but no toilets nearby, fear of being seen, an impractical position, plants that sting the buttocks while we relieve ourselves or splashes on our shoes...The reusable...
Buckets and Accessories

5 Disposable Piss-Standing

5 Disposable Piss-Standing. The piss-standing is a cardboard cone that allows women/girls to pee standing up.Convenient when there are no toilets or they are in poor condition.This disposable and compostable model will follow you everywhere.Very discreet in a pocket.About this product:- Made in France- Biodegradable and compostable Composition: Paper...
Buckets and Accessories

Physiological booster stool for toilet

This booster will allow you to use the toilet in an ideal physiological position by raising your feet on the stool.Also, it can be used by children as an extension to use a height toilet intended for adults.We designed it to perfectly match our range of dry toilets but can also be used for use with wet toilets.Regarding the stool:- Douglas or Spruce wood...
Indoor Dry Toilets

Toilet reducer - Baby toilet adapter

This Lécopot glasses reducer is a toilet adapter for little ones that will accompany your child in learning to be independent.Regarding the reducer:- Convenient to put on and take off- Fits all models of Lécopot glasses- With or without a flap of your choice- Spruce wood cladding- Raw or varnished finishWarning ! : the model with a flap does not allow the...
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