Le Cagarol Douglas - Dry and composting toiletLe Cagaròl Douglas - Dry toilet
  • -10%
Le Butterfly Douglas - Dry toilet by LécopotLe Butterfly Douglas - Dry toilet
  • -10%
Le Cagarol - Dry and composting toiletLe Cagaròl - Dry toilet
  • -15%
Le Corner Butterfly - Compost toilet by LécopotThe Corner Butterfly - Compost toilet
  • -15%
The new Butterfly - Dry toilet by LécopotThe New Butterfly - Dry toilet
  • -15%

text updated on 09/05/2022

Tariff increase planned from May 16, 2022

Last year, several price increases were felt on our supplies.

Indeed, several factors are responsible for this.

The shortage of wood prevented us from producing a large part of our catalog last summer.

And the price of wood has more than doubled, which has impacted our prices.

The price of raw materials has also increased, whether for stainless steel, which is a component of many products (toilet hinges, buckets, flaps, etc.), toilet paper or even cardboard packaging.

Carriers have also revised their fares upwards in light of fuel prices.

We try to absorb the increases in these costs as much as possible, but when the health of our business depends on it, we find ourselves forced to increase our prices.

This is why we will apply an 8% increase on most of our products from May 16, 2022.

Thank you for your understanding.

Extension of delivery times

For a year now we have been experiencing difficulties regarding the supply of raw materials.

Added to this are the difficulties related to the COVID19 pandemic.

These factors strongly impact our work.

As a craft company, we manufacture our toilets by hand.

We make series of models to optimize working time.

Once out of the workshop, the toilets are shipped according to orders and in chronological order.

Our stocks are quite low because toilets take time to manufacture.

Currently, we indicate the following manufacturing times:
- 2 months for a cabin
- 9 weeks for a dry toilet

These deadlines are valid if the products are out of stock. Your order may be able to leave sooner.

Regarding other types of products (accessories, buckets, shavings, library ...) we generally always have stocks
And orders not presenting wooden products (made by us) will leave more quickly (except for sawdust which is a product of our workshop and which depends on our activity).

To find out more about product availability, you can contact us before placing an order.

Our customer service can tell you if the toilet is in stock or when the production of its model is planned.

You can reach us by phone at: or by email at contact@lecopot.com

In case of emergency, you can also contact us so that we can see together how best to solve your problem.

We take into account that this situation causes you inconvenience and we do everything we can to ship your orders as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Lecopot team