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How our toilets are made

Original, practical, aesthetic, high-quality and affordable dry toilets.

These are the key words that motivate our involvement in the design and manufacture of our dry toilets.

That's why we don't make "simple boxes", but functional dry toilets that people want to use.

As artisan carpenters, we make all the wooden components ourselves.

The raw materials used in our dry toilets

We choose our materials according to ecological and quality criteria, using common sense as a guiding principle. Whenever possible, we favour local raw materials.

Our wood comes from sustainably managed forests. We use local wood or wood from Europe.

Our hardware and accessories are selected according to quality guidelines.

Our stainless steel bibs and plastic buckets are made in France. The stainless steel buckets and lids are made in Sweden (unbeatable value for money).

We make our own hinged goggles to ensure that they are suitable for our products and for use with dry toilets. But also because it seemed more appropriate to make them ourselves rather than buying off-the-shelf sets from Asia (French manufacture of these items is still an unaffordable luxury for our products).

How we make dry toilets

Because we know that the means justify the end (and not the other way round), we work on our products with passion to give you the best. Our environmental convictions and our taste for a job well done guide our days.

The energy that runs our machines and our workshop in general is supplied by Enercoop (a militant supplier of 100% renewable electricity).

We recycle as much of our offcuts as possible to ensure that they don't end up in the bin.

... and, of course, we use Lécopot dry toilets.

Our hardware and dry toilet finishing products

We use glues that pollute as little as possible, while remaining reasonable in terms of quality for the intended use of our products. Our indoor models are glued with white glue and our outdoor models with weather-resistant polyurethane glue.

We use environmentally-friendly products to protect our toilets, according to your wishes. Colourless gloss varnish ( from Nature & Harmonie for the indoor models and colourless water-based weatherproof stain for our outdoor cubicles.

The 2024 team

Manufacturing workshop: David, Philémon, Alexis, Sulyvan

Product finishing: Tanit

Shipment of orders: Johan

Graphic design: Maurin

Sales department: Isabelle

Web: Thomas

Administration: France and Julien