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Ephysia - ergonomic dry toilet
Ephysia - ergonomic dry toilet
Ephysia - ergonomic dry toilet
Ephysia - ergonomic dry toilet
Ephysia - ergonomic dry toilet
Ephysia - ergonomic dry toilet
Ephysia - ergonomic dry toilet

Ephysia - ergonomic dry toilet


The Ephysia dry toilet is an ergonomic toilet that consists of steps offering the possibility of adopting a physiological position.
This position is the most natural and efficiently helps the expulsion of stool.
The Ephysia has a Douglas cover which can be raw or varnished, as well as an aluminum body and a stainless steel bib.

It is sold without a bucket.

Dimensions : L 78,5 x W 55,5 x H 45,5 cm
Seat height : 43 cm
Weight : 16,5 Kg

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Ephysia is an ergonomic dry toilet that offers a physiological position.
It is versatile because it allows you to do your business seated, legs raised with your feet on the steps, or standing by wedging your feet between the steps.
The physiological position is the position with the legs raised.
It improves defecation by freeing the colon from troublesome obstacles.
This reduces the need to push and therefore the inconvenience associated with having a bowel movement.
A good being brought to nature and to yourself!

Characteristics :

The Ephysia ergonomic dry toilet is made of Douglas wood from certified European forests.
It can be chosen varnished or raw. Its casing combines wood, at the level of the steps and the drop-down bezel, as well as metal at the level of the body of the toilet.
It comes with a stainless steel bib on the inside which guarantees a seal during use, at the joint with the bucket.
It is sold without a bucket.
Our toilets are dry toilets with bio-controlled litter (TLB).
They work with wood chips or sawdust and with composting bucket containers.
Dimensions: L 78.5 x W 55.5 x H 45.5 cm Seat height: 43 cm Weight: 16.5 kg
Deposited model
Manufacturing time out of stock: 3 weeks

Precautions for use:

Wood is a living material.
It will evolve throughout use and its color may change over time.
It will depend on various factors such as your use, the humidity of the room in which it is located or its maintenance.
Our varnished models have received several coats to protect the wood. You can choose a raw model.
However, it is essential to protect your toilet so that it can last over time in the best possible condition.

Tips for using a dry toilet:

1 - Put the bucket in your toilet, place a layer of wood chips in the bottom of the bucket, then fold down the seat.
2 - Do your needs, accompanied by classic toilet paper (preferably non-colored or scented) or ecological. Cover your bedding needs. The doses vary depending on each person and the needs that have been made. The main thing is that everything is covered in its entirety. This allows for better absorption and will cover odors.
3 - When the container of the bucket is almost at the level of the bib, take out your bucket by lifting the bezel. Empty it into the composter. Clean it with a water jet and a spray containing Wipe and Clean cleaner. Clean the bezel and bib with the same product. Then replace the bucket with the litter in the bottom.

Lécopot quality:

Lécopot pays particular attention to the design of its products, which are made for the sake of the environment.
Our toilets, cabins, chip trays and drop-down glasses are all handcrafted in our workshop in Couiza in Aude.
The types of wood used are common European species from responsibly managed forests.
The varnish used is a water-based varnish and natural resin made in France.

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Size L 70 cm x D 50 cm x H 46 cm.

Seat height: 44 cm.

Weight: 21 Kg.

Excluding stock, this item requires 3 weeks of manufacturing


Why should we use dry toilets ?

70 cm
50 cm
48 cm
Seat height
44 cm
21 kg
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  • Sylvia
    Published 21/11/2021 à 17:07 (Order date: 02/11/2021)

    C’est parfait ! Merci beaucoup .

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