La Cernalha - Dry toilet
La Cernalha - Dry toilet
La Cernalha - Dry toilet
La Cernalha - Dry toilet
La Cernalha - Dry toilet

La Cernalha - Dry toilet


- La Cernalha, the Ventarèl cabin toilet -

The Cernalha is a large capacity model specially designed for Ventarèl cabins.
It is sold with a large capacity plastic container of 65 liters which allows an autonomy of approximately 90-110 uses.

This toilet is made of Spruce or Douglas wood and can be chosen in a raw or varnished version.

Regarding the toilet:
- Equipped with a flap and a stainless steel bib
- Spruce or Douglas wood cladding
- Raw or varnished finish
- Sold with 65 liter bin

L 70 x D 70 x H 50 cm.
Seat height: 39 cm.
Weight: 9 Kg.

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La Cernalha is a large capacity toilet which is attractive for places and events where there is a lot of traffic, such as weddings, nature or attraction parks, but can be used for family use.
It offers great autonomy with its 65-liter bin (approximately 110 uses) which allows for more oil changes, especially when it is used for events.

"Cernalha" means "lizard" in Occitan.

/!\ If the bin is too full, 2 people will be needed for maintenance.

Characteristics :

The Cernalha is a dry toilet that fits ideally in a corner of an outdoor cubicle like the Ventarèl.
The toilet can be placed outside but it must be sheltered from the rain.

It has a 19 mm Spruce or Douglas (your choice) top as well as a 65 mm high stainless steel bib.
The flap glass is attached to the wooden table top. To empty the bin, lift the tray and remove it from the bin.
The platform has a system with wedges to keep it stable on the platform.

The model is sold with its flap glass, its 65-liter tank and a stainless steel bib.

Our toilets are dry toilets with bio-controlled litter.
They work with wood chips or sawdust. Sanitation is done by composting the residues from the dry toilet.

Size :
L 70 cm x D 70 cm x H 50 cm.
Seat height: 39 cm.
Weight: 9 Kg.

Deposited model
Manufacturing time out of stock excluding delivery: three weeks


Why should we use dry toilets ?

70 cm
70 cm
50 cm
Seat height
38 cm
90 l / 160 visits
9 Kg
OSB / Spruce
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    Pas encore utilisé sur le long terme mais le côté pratique est là, l'esthétique aussi!

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    Le bois est magnifique

  • 5

    Pas encore installé et utilisé, mais semble être de bonne qualité et conforme au descriptif de la commande

  • 5

    le produit est top, belle finition. le rendu est parfait

  • 5

    Simplement génial !!! design et qualité irréprochables ! Sous les conseils éclairés d'une employée modèle, m'ayant rappelé par téléphone, j'y ai rajouté un seau plus petit. La meilleure des choses à faire si vous êtes peu nombreux à utiler les toilettes. Merci au site Ecopost !!!

  • 5

    Très bien, bonne ergonomie.

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